Thursday, December 31, 2009

Steamboat with Family (At Home)

First of all, I would like to wish a Happy New Year 2010 to all. May all of us be blessed in whatever we do in the coming days. This year, I'll be 19 years old; final year as a teenager with the "teen" word. There are a lot of memorable moments (sweet + sour) that I went through during the challenging year of 2009 especially in INTEC. What I can say, memories are not to be forgotten, but to always be in your heart because memories cannot be played back. Even though there are bitter memories, we still cannot fully forget about them because we usually learn a lot from bitter memories, so that the bitter memories won't repeat themselves. I sound like a nagging old lady ? Hahaha...just a short note on memories.

Anyway, that's not the highlight of my post this time because January 1 is something very common to all of us. Every year people will make a lot of target for themselves that they want to achieve, but at the end of the year, some still could not be achieved...

On December 30, 2009, my family and I had another steamboat session for our dinner. However, this time, it was different because we had the steamboat at our sweet home. We cooked the steamboat by ourselves using my brother's small and portable gas stove. My brother went to a supermarket to buy the seafood, vegetables and other foods to be cooked in the delicious tom yam soup that my dad had prepared. It was a very interesting experience because we all know that steamboat cost is not cheap. Therefore, by having our own prepared steamboat, we can save a lot of money, and we do not have to go anywhere ! According to my dad, the cost for that special steamboat was between RM 30 to RM 40 (only for the materials in the steamboat). Free of charge for labor to cook (we prepared by ourselves what..) and dining place rate (we ate at home...). Usually, steamboat for 7 persons would be above RM 100. See how much we save on our money ?