Saturday, November 27, 2010

Trip to Penn State (3)

It's already Saturday which means my Thanksgiving break is reaching to the end. This also means I need to get ready for winter classes to start on the day after tomorrow. Ahhh, the break is really short ! I want it to be longer...

Anyway, staying in Penn State for a week plus plus (around 9 days) was not that bad. At first I wonder what I'm  going to do when I go there because Penn State is not located in a city. Instead, it's in located in "kampung" area, according to Penn State pals. I was thinking maybe I'll spend time in Atikah's house (free accommodation & food =P) wasting time like watching movies, dramas or sleeping. But, it turned out that the time spent here was filled with lots of activities with lots of friends.

On Monday, I went to eat ice-cream at Berkey Creamery. People said it's a must to eat Creamery's ice-cream when you come to Penn State. Why ? Because of the great taste ? Maybe. Also, it's special because it's produced in Penn State. For me, I like it because it's cheaper and more flavors than the ice-cream I had in RIT. After eating ice-cream, we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. This is the first movie that I watched in a theater in US. No comment about the movie because there are lots of pros and cons of people's opinions on that movie.

On Tuesday, I went to Beaver Stadium of Penn State, a very big football (football here refers to American football, not soccer) stadium. Penn State is very famous with football and people can go really fanatic with football games. However, I couldn't go inside. I took pictures with Joe Paterno's statue. Joepa was Penn State's football coach. I don't really know his contributions to Penn State, but definitely he's a great coach for Penn State's football team. After that, I walked around downtown State College to buy some Penn State souvenirs. For lunch, Atikah brought me to eat at Indian Pavilion. There, I ate different kinds of Indian foods. I ate naan and tandoori ! I really miss those foods because I really like to eat them when I was in Malaysia. At night, we baked dark chocolate cake, chocolate chip and walnut cookies, and chocolate brownies. '

On Wednesday, we went to Muru's house for breakfast. Cookies from last night were for this breakfast gathering. Sharma cooked roti canai. That's a request from me. Ohhh, it was delicious ! It looked like capati, but tasted like roti canai. So, that's the first roti canai that I ate in US. More special because cooked by a friend. He also cooked curry with potatoes and fried eggs in it (new recipe...never eat curry with fried eggs). As for Muru, he tried cooking masala potato for the first time. Not bad, just need to cut the potato smaller. After eating, Sharma and I played Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), a game for Xbox 360. As usual, I am not good at playing video games at all. Sharma even had to help me to score by leading me to the goal post for a few times, but still I couldn't score at least a goal. Nevertheless, as we played, I had progressed from "cannot defend and attack" to "cannot attack but can defend". I really defended Sharma from scoring goals. I defended my team very well that I could hear him sighed a few times for failing to attack my good defense team. That was nice. I got tired after some time because I didn't play quietly. I made noise when I was playing that game. In the afternoon, Shahril and Dzul came to Atikah's house. The chocolate cake that was baked last night was specially baked for them. But, Dzul didn't really eat. Dunno why. It was Shahril who really ate the cake. Perhaps because he requested it.

On Thursday, I followed Atikah and her seniors to go shopping at Leesburg, Virginia for Black Friday shopping. At first, it was planned to go to Hagerstown, Maryland. But, they changed the plan. On the way to Virginia, we passed by Washington DC and Maryland. We didn't stop at Washington DC. I could see National Monument, but didn't have the chance to take a good picture because I was in a moving car. The pictures were blurred when I took them. We had dinner at Mandarin Chinese Halal restaurant at Springfield, Virginia. We reached there 10 minutes before it closed, but they still accepted us. The foods was good, but they served a very big amount of chicken/beef with very small amount of rice. It'll be really good if there's a halal chinese restaurant near RIT because I like Chinese foods. After that, we stopped at an Islamic center to pray. Still full, we met some Arabs there who served us with lots of Arab foods. There were having Thanksgiving dinner. No choice, we felt really bad to reject the offer so we ate some, and brought back some. They served us with hot chocolate drink with ginger. Some of us didn't drink it at all, some just sipped a little bit because couldn't stand the smell of the ginger. As for me, I just drank it. I could stand the ginger smell and taste because I ate something sweet that they served. Maybe that's the way to drink the hot chocolate with ginger. We reached Leesburg premium outlet around 10 something. There were so many people there. We wasted time in finding parking spaces because no more parking spaces available. Some people just parked illegally behind the outlet's buildings. So, we just followed. The first shop that I went to was Coach factory. Duhh, such a long line of people that it just made U shape. Tired of standing and waiting, but I don't care because I really want to buy a handbag for my mom. Finally after an hour plus of waiting, I made it to the shop. There, I spent time on looking for a good handbag for my mom. Found one, so I bought that. I don't buy for myself because I don't really like to wear handbag. It costs me...ahh, don't want to mention it. Some people knew anyway. After Coach, I bought 4 pairs of Nike shoes for my siblings. For my dad, I bought a leather belt and a wallet from a leather shop (forgot the name). For myself, I bought a pair of Skechers shoes, 2 pairs of Levi's jeans, 2 pairs of long john pants, and 1 set of 30 pcs cutleries.

I didn't sleep the whole night. I was too into shopping that I didn't realize how time flies. On Friday, on the way back to Penn State, we stopped at Baltimore, Maryland. It was a very nice city with lots of high-rise buildings. I think, what's really interesting about Baltimore is the nice view from the harbor. We went to Hard Rock cafe to buy some Hard Rock cafe merchandises. We also went to Cheesecake factory to buy some cheesecakes. The cheesecakes were really good. The prices suit the taste and size. Also, we got to taste free samples of their new cheesecake (forgot what flavor). Along the journey back to Penn State, I slept all the way. I was extremely tired from shopping last night. At night, some RIT pals (Nana, Nadiah, Ika & Paan) came to Penn State for their last destination of campuses road tour before going back to RIT.

Today, it was snowing when I woke up early in the morning. I was wondering for a few minutes when I looked outside the window to see white round-shaped thing flew around. Then I realized it was snow ! When I went outside to check out, it was really snow ! Since it's snowing in Penn State, I bet it's snowing in RIT too. In the afternoon, I walked around downtown with snow still falling down. My first time walking with snow falling. Nice experience. But, it was really cold. Now, I'm waiting for the time to go back to RIT. I can't believe it, my Fall break is almost over. Feel kinda sad...I'm not ready to start class on Monday.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trip to Penn State (2)

I ate really a lot yesterday. Starting with potluck dinner at Ron Nie's house in Parkway, then we went to a seniors' house at College Park for Aidil Adha dinner. At Ron Nie's house, I met lots of old friends from INTEC. I also met Jessica, one of the people that I'd really want to see when I plan to come to Penn State. She hugged me as soon as she opened the door when I just reached Ron Nie's house. I've been missing her and her warm hugs ! Besides that, I'm touched by the way my Malaysian friends treated the 3 of us (me, Atikah & Hazreena) because they're really concern about the foods that we can and cannot eat. "This one can eat ka ? What about this one ? Ahh, this one ?" I love them so much ! Thanks, my dear friends ! We also played card games but I don't know what's the name because I simply played for the enjoyment of playing it. We ate until we felt really full. There were a very delicious cheese cake made by Kelvin, mashed potatoes, fried mihun, curry made by Muru (thanks for keeping the gravy for me !), pizzas and others.

At the seniors' house, we stuffed our stomachs with a lot of foods too. We had soto, kuah kacang, banana pudding, spaghetti, popia, kuih raya, air bandung and others. I felt really full ! We also went to another seniors' house to try out a new game from xbox which was just released recently, Kinect. It was totally fun because of its special feature which is human as the controller. Awesome ! We control by using gestures and commands. Cool, right ? 

After that, we went to another senior's house for girls sleepover. Activities were watching movies, hair makeover, and sleeping. We watched a hindi movie entitled I Hate Luv Storys. Around 1 a.m., I already felt very sleepy and started yawning, but I still tried to open my eyes so that I could watch the movie until the end.  Two of us stayed awake to watch another movie. I slept at 2 a.m., couldn't stand the sleepiness anymore.

Today, we had a delicious lunch at Shahril's house in Vairo Village. He and his housemate, Dzul cooked chicken rice and shepherds pie. They were marvellous ! After that, I went to Kelvin's house which was nearby Shahril's. There, I ate a chocolate flavored ice cream from Creamery, one of the best ice cream vendors in US known for their mouth-watering ice-cream. I also learnt how to play a very simple song by pressing a few keys on a piano taught by Amy. That was really an unforgettable experience for me because I never know how to play piano before. 

Then, I went back to Shahril's house. Shahril and the others were playing Guitar Hero. So, I joined them and got addicted to it as I had progressed from don't know how to play at all to can play "easy" mode. Haha...easy level only. I tried playing medium level, but it's difficult. Perhaps I need more training...haha =P 

When we went back to Atikah's house, I helped Atikah to bake a butter cake. Atikah said she felt like doing something with cooking and baking so she decided to bake a cake. It wasn't hard though because there's instant flour for baking. Looking forward for tomorrow and the next following days until it's time for me to go back to Rochester.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trip to Penn State (1)

After 4 hours journey from Rochester, New York, finally I arrived in State College, Pennsylvania. Thanks to Kak Muni who gave me a ride. If not, perhaps I have to go to Penn State by bus instead of the very comfortable  car, Toyota Prius Hybrid. I'm staying at Atikah's house for the whole week until Kak Muni fetch me back on the next Saturday or Sunday. So, I'll be spending the whole Thanksgiving break at Penn State. Last night, I joined Malaysian students in Penn State for their activities which were dodgeball and volleyball. There, I met lots of new friends and my old friends from INTEC. I joined the event just as a spectator. They had battles among themselves according to their sports house. After the games finished at 11 p.m., we had pizzas from Canyon pizzas. There were plain, mushroom, and pineapple pizzas. I tried mushroom. Never eat mushroom pizza before. Usually I just eat plain/cheese pizza. Ahh, the pizza slice was so large that I could hardly finish it. It was really cold too in Penn State. But, if compared to RIT, RIT is colder. Obviously, since RIT is nearer to Canada.

Today, I went out for sightseeing around Penn State campus and State College downtown with Atikah, Muru and Hazreena. Penn State is a really big campus with lots of nice and unique buildings. I took a lot of pictures too ! One day I'll upload in Facebook. There were very few people around the campus. It's because of Thanksgiving break. Lots of people either went back home or went for vacation (like me!). Tonight, there'll be a potluck event at Ron Nie's house, followed by Aidil Adha's dinner at a senior's house, and a sleepover at another senior's house. What a busy day ! ^_^  

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

貴方のためのヒント (Hints for You)

I like to give hints. Kalau nak tau, translate. ^_^

じたい ほどいてゆけると
Let's Stay Together  いつも

~ ♥ ~

どんな 言葉に変えて

君に 伝えられるだろう
あれから いくつもの季節が
いつも 傍で笑ってる
私にも言えないことが まだ ひとつだけある

Secret of my heart 疑ってもないね
真実は 手に入れられるはず
I can't say もう少しだけ I'm waiting for a chance

こんな 穏やかな時間(とき)
もっと 繋がっていたい
全てを見せるのが 怖くて
壊れそうで 守りたい もっと近づきたいよ

Secret of my heart 理解(わか)ってくれるよね
誰だって 逃げたい時もあるけど
それだけじゃ 何も始まらない
I'can't say きっと必ず I'm calling for a chance

Can I tell the truth? その言葉言えず 空回りする唇に
Feeling in my heart 隠せない これ以上 'Cause I love you
I will be with you Wherever you are Can you fell my heart?

Can't you see,you're my dream 失いたくないよ
大切な 君と過ごすこの時間
あきらめる位なら 信じて
I just wanna say もう迷わない

Can't you see, you're my heart どんな作り物も
簡単に壊れてしまう 日が来る
だけどまだ いつまでも変わらない
Secret of my heart Our future is forever