Sunday, August 30, 2009

52 Years of Independence : Merdeka !!

I don't have anything much to write here...but I feel like sharing something which I think is very interesting. When I type in after the clock strike 12a.m. last night, this is what I see : a spinning "gasing" and and colors of Malaysia's flag !

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nail Henna

Suddenly I feel like doing something with my natural pale colored nails. The idea just popped out of nowhere while I break fast with my family. After praying, I asked my mom for the nail henna which her friend bought from Mecca.

Then, I started trying out the henna on my nails. It took me quite some time because I want the henna to be nicely put on my nails. So, here's the result !

I love biology

Just to motivate myself. There are so many slides to be read for the coming exam !!! and what's worse, I just started...TODAY. I'm so gonna die...This is what happen when you let procrastination takes over you....nak menangis boleh tak ?? Rasanya dah tak berguna nak menangis pun. What I can do now is retrieve the precious time that I had wasted and study Biology !


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Burning the midnight oil ?

A new record for me...well, just within the days of mid semester break. I somehow...managed TO STUDY in the middle of the night. I studied CHEMISTRY, my favorite subject when I was in secondary school.

Why do I say this a record ? It is because I can hardly stay up to study. As far as I concern, whenever I feel like studying, I'm always disturbed by something else...something which is not important or wasting time like "facebooking" sleeping. As I mentioned in the previous post, sleepingo waste my time...sometimes. It depends actually. So, isn't it a record for me
However, I only managed to open my eyes until don't know what time in the morning, when I lost to the nature of my body. I am not a robot you see. I fall asleep until 4 something in the morning. When I woke up, I realized that I slept on my pillow and next to me, my Chemistry book which was closed (I think my sister closed it for me). Then, I looked at my laptop screen. Shahril wrote something on live messenger, "Tak tido lagi ?". I replied, "Baru je bangun." Actually, not only him asking that question. Faiz also asked me that and I replied the same thing. I was online when I was actually in the dream world !

My bed looked horrible with my stuffs on it. Here's the picture of it.

..: hate myself :..

Why ??
because I've been sleeping a lot these past few days...SLEEPING A LOT...
fasting does make me feel tired...but that is not an excuse !
this is not the first time I'm fasting...I've been fasting since I was 6 years's not that I'm not used to it....but dunno why...I feel very it because of the hot sunny weather ??

In Islam, it is "makruh" meaning not advisable to sleep for a very long time during the fasting period...which I did these past few days...

Hopefully I'll recover soon from this sleeping illness...

Well, actually not many people know that I like to sleep...hehe

Thursday, August 20, 2009

start of the break

Today is the first day of mid semester break ! Tomorrow is the first day of fasting month. Well, I cannot consider this as a break because I have lots of homeworks to do and lots of subjects to study for the coming mid semester exam. I am scared...I am scared...

At the same time, it is time for me to make an extensive research for universities that I am applying to. haish...time passes so fast. I have less than one year in Malaysia...(macam tak percaya)

One more thing, this year's fasting month might be the last fasting month for me in Malaysia before I fly to US next year...huhu...appreciate...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bio Homework - My Favorite Flower

while "googling" for bio homework - My Favorite Flower...I found this interesting article about my favorite flower:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

first time + first day

Today-13rd August 2009 : I am elated that after two times being rejected, finally I am accepted to be one of the courageous blood donors. I was rejected last time due to my age. I wasn't 18 at that time....but now, I am 18 !!! I donated blood at INTEC Great Hall. My blood type is B...but actually, I know that earlier. My mom knows how to do to mix the blood with antigen and then detect the blood type. She works in Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in UPM. My dad's blood type is O, meanwhile my mom's blood type is B. So, I am BO.

Talking about blood...I am never scared of blood...I am not a hemophobia...since I was small. Isn't this a good thing ? Got people asking me, "Aren't you feel scared of donating blood? scared of seeing how they cucuk that needle?" My answer, "Why should I ?? Blood is not something which is disgusting...for me. I'm not sure about others. Well, of course I could feel the pain when I was injected...but it's ok. ^_^

Talking about blood...after I donated blood, I found out something...something which can make me not eligible to donate blood... Ok, enough for now. I need to study Calculus. Test tomorrow!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

for the third time...^_~

This is how I feel, "To ADFPians n ACTPians, if you don't contribute anything to the success of ATU, you won't feel anything about this third winning."

Even though I do not join any sports at all, but I have the willing to contribute something to ATUSA in INPRO 2009. At first, I felt quite sad and disappointed with both seniors and juniors because lots of students who signed up for marching withdrew a few days before the competition. One more thing, lots of ATUSA members join performance, which is not evaluated in INPRO !

Due to the shortage of people in marching team, our dear Thanges had taken a risky step ! (-_-) What is it yea ?? Well, Thanges is willing to sponsor those who are involved in marching a McValue meal. Nice kan ??

Even though parade, as the last event didn't win, but overall ATU won !!! We were all so happy that we screamed at the top of our voice to show our spirit. I could see people hugging each other. Bak kata Thanges, "It's all about the passion". After that, I had a photography session with the piala...( if I won anything...)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It was a very simple yet blissful day

A lot of unexpected thing happened today. A LOT. When I woke up from a very nice sleep this morning, I expected something from my family members especially my parents. Something like...a birthday gift or...a surprise ! I am not too old to get a birthday present from my parents right ? I am just 18... However, they acted like they usually do. The usual weekend morning routine. Dah la breakfast was just nasi lemak bungkus. Besides, my mom had to work today. Suddenly some students need to use her lab. May dad went somewhere. I was alone in the house with my 7-year old younger brother who was watching TV and 15-year old younger sister who was still sleeping. I waited until afternoon for any surprise from my family...but it turned out to be nothing. I thought we could eat lunch together but my dad had to attend this one kenduri in my neighbor's house. I was asked to fetch my 12-year old younger brother from school and to buy food for lunch. Never mind...I was still hoping that they'll celebrate my birthday later...perhaps dinner? In the afternoon, my brother came back home from UTP. He got 1 week quarantined break (H1N1 kan sedang merebak). Meanwhile, my mailbox was working actively. I got new messages continuously especially from Facebook. hehe...birthday wishes yang boleh diibaratkan cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan. These sweet friends made me forget about my family members who ignored me.

In the evening, my dad said he had to attend another kenduri after Isyak prayer. This time, it was in another neighbor's house. Haish...since my dad not around, of course they would not be any birthday dinner...dah la my sister suddenly got fever. My mom had to accompany her to clinic (check for H1N1 also ! ) arghh...fine...what to do...I was still hoping...hoping for at least A BIRTHDAY GIFT ! but no...nothing dinner was kue tiaw ladna. Nothing special...but it is still a food ^_^ Until the clock strike 11:59pm, which means the end of my special day, still...nobody give me any birthday present...
At the end of the day, lots of people asked me, "How was your birthday ?", "How many birthday presents do you get ?" My answer : My birthdays have always been a very simple day. The last time I had my birthday party/celebration was when I was 6 years old. The last time I had my birthday cake was...dunno...10 years old ? This time, there was no birthday celebration, no birthday gift. But I don't really mind about all that...I'll be very happy as long as I AM NOT ALONE on my birthday. "SWEET 18" *peace*

To all people who wished me, doesn't matter when, be it on 31st July or 1st August, THANK YOU SO MUCH !! For your information, 111 people (family+friends) wished me ! What a big number ! I am surprised also by that fact. I have the long list...can ask me to know your ranking!

I'm 18 !!

Today is August 1, 2009...a very special day for me. Why? Hurm...18 years ago, I was born in Kuala Lumpur. So, now you got it? Why today is special?? Besides that, today is also my first day of writing my own blog because previously I wrote with a few friends for a class blog (^_^) . Well, I purposely do this because I'm 18 years old ! I'm giving myself a birthday gift. What?? My reason for writing a blog is not convincing enough? Ok 2...another reason is...I think I need to share something with people so that my head would not be burdened by so many things. Actually, I don't like to tell people about my feelings and thoughts. I always keep it to myself...the result is, I'll explode when these accumulated things go to the max! A very special person once said that "You strike me as a silent person-the one who doesn't talk unless spoken to." But that was a history. Now, I need to make some slight changes...why?kerana SAYA SUDAH DEWASA. Yes. I'm an adult now. However, I don't mind what my 12-year old younger brother said to me after wishing me, "Kak Ngah ni tua macam mana pun perangai macam budak-budak." What do you think? I was, am, and always be young!