Saturday, August 8, 2009

for the third time...^_~

This is how I feel, "To ADFPians n ACTPians, if you don't contribute anything to the success of ATU, you won't feel anything about this third winning."

Even though I do not join any sports at all, but I have the willing to contribute something to ATUSA in INPRO 2009. At first, I felt quite sad and disappointed with both seniors and juniors because lots of students who signed up for marching withdrew a few days before the competition. One more thing, lots of ATUSA members join performance, which is not evaluated in INPRO !

Due to the shortage of people in marching team, our dear Thanges had taken a risky step ! (-_-) What is it yea ?? Well, Thanges is willing to sponsor those who are involved in marching a McValue meal. Nice kan ??

Even though parade, as the last event didn't win, but overall ATU won !!! We were all so happy that we screamed at the top of our voice to show our spirit. I could see people hugging each other. Bak kata Thanges, "It's all about the passion". After that, I had a photography session with the piala...( if I won anything...)