Thursday, August 27, 2009

Burning the midnight oil ?

A new record for me...well, just within the days of mid semester break. I somehow...managed TO STUDY in the middle of the night. I studied CHEMISTRY, my favorite subject when I was in secondary school.

Why do I say this a record ? It is because I can hardly stay up to study. As far as I concern, whenever I feel like studying, I'm always disturbed by something else...something which is not important or wasting time like "facebooking" sleeping. As I mentioned in the previous post, sleepingo waste my time...sometimes. It depends actually. So, isn't it a record for me
However, I only managed to open my eyes until don't know what time in the morning, when I lost to the nature of my body. I am not a robot you see. I fall asleep until 4 something in the morning. When I woke up, I realized that I slept on my pillow and next to me, my Chemistry book which was closed (I think my sister closed it for me). Then, I looked at my laptop screen. Shahril wrote something on live messenger, "Tak tido lagi ?". I replied, "Baru je bangun." Actually, not only him asking that question. Faiz also asked me that and I replied the same thing. I was online when I was actually in the dream world !

My bed looked horrible with my stuffs on it. Here's the picture of it.