Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Overslept + Unknown Bacteria + End of Orgo Lab

There were a few times I was late to class when I was studying in INTEC. One time I remembered, I was late to Mr Kamal's class which was Technical Writing class. Today, again I was late to class because of the same reason like the previous ones. OVERSLEPT ! The funny thing was that I was late to an afternoon class. =P The previous classes were morning classes. How come ? I wanted to take a nap. I always take a nap, but not at home in Colony Manor. Nap on campus in RIT. This time, I took a nap by nicely slept on my bed, complete with socks and full attire to go to class. I was thinking that it would be easier to catch the bus in 10 minutes time by getting myself ready. Hahaha...it turned out that I woke up at 2.20 p.m. instead of 1.20 p.m. ! As usual, I became extremely panic and quickly grabbed my bag to catch the bus (forgot to check the bus schedule). However, the bus left already so I had to wait for the bus to come back. As soon as I reach Gleason circle (bus stop in RIT), I ran as fast as I could and climbed up stairs to the third floor. I reached class at 2.40 p.m. and the lecturer was teaching in front. Slowly I entered the classroom and grabbed a place to sit - first row ==" . Trying to act normally when my heart was actually beating to the maximum rate, I listened to the lecture and wrote down notes (don't know what's going on actually >_<)

this is how I look like when I woke up from an overslept

After the class finished, I went to see my Microbiology lecturer to tell him that I would like to guess on my numbered unknown bacteria. I was scared to the death actually because that was my second guess. If I guess wrongly, then I would not get bonus points. The first unknown bacteria that I guessed was correct at first try because it was very easy to be differentiated. The first one was Staphylococcus aureus which sample I took from the skin of my arm. The second one that I had been holding on for a few weeks to tell my lecturer was Enterobacter aerogenes. I was not sure with my findings, so I made a lot of tests to identify that bacteria. Alhamdulillah, it was correct ! Yippee !! 40 marks scored for unknown bacteria.

Staphylococcus aureus

Enterobacter aerogenes

Today is also the last day for Organic Chemistry lab. Yahoo !! Why am I so excited ?! The end of Organic Chemistry lab means the end of night class for the rest of the quarter (winter quarter too!). If that lab wasn't at night, maybe I would not be that excited.

when I am very happy and excited !

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Capture the Heart of a Leo

I have ran out of idea on what to write. So, when I randomly read articles on the internet, a few articles caught my attention. The article below is one of them which somehow is related to me. Why ? That's for you to find out. ^_^

This article was written by Cortney Litwin.

Whether they roar like a lion or purr like a kitten, Leos are all heart. As a Fire sign, they are passionate to the core and love to play. They can also be proud, stubborn, and childishly dramatic. But that's just the beginning of what makes this sign tick. If you want to jump into the fire and capture the heart of a Leo, here are some things you need to know.

Heat of the Sun
Leo's warm-hearted, gregarious nature is hard to resist. They're ruled by the Sun, after all. With affection and respect, your Leo will shine like the sun, too, which in turn will ignite a bonfire in you. That's because their inner light is contagious. It draws people into their sphere like planets revolving around the Sun. When Leo's attention is focused on you, you'll feel like the center of their universe.

The World's Their Stage
Leo is a child at heart. This childlike energy makes them outstanding entertainers, whether it's for an audience of one (you, of course!) or a stadium filled with fans. They require plenty of attention and will wilt like a parched flower if they don't get enough of it. Mainly, Leo needs to be appreciated. You'll keep your Leo happy if you openly (and regularly) express your appreciation and devotion.

Playful Passion
Creativity is the force behind almost everything they do. In the bedroom, Leo's creativity especially shines. They can be outrageously sexy (think Mae West), not to mention flirtatious. As you would expect, they are generous lovers who take pride in their ability to give pleasure, and expect the same attention in return. Treat your Leo like royalty and they will reward you with a profusion of passion.

Force of Nature
Leo's willpower fuels their strength. They can move mountains to achieve a goal they set their heart on. What's more, the combination of will and charisma makes them natural leaders. Your challenge is to know when to follow your Leo and when to suggest doing things your way.

On that note, being yourself is important, because although Leo likes to be in charge, they need a partner who is strong enough to deal with (and relate to) their fiery nature. They'll lose interest in someone who complies with their every whim. So if you hold the heart of a Leo, you'll need the courage to express your individuality.

The Lion's Dark Side
Does this generous, charming, creative sign have a weakness? Yes. In a word, it's pride. Leo has a difficult time with failure. Criticism, disrespect, and indifference from someone they love will bring out their dark side as well, which can take the form of an explosion (remember their fondness for drama) or sulkiness. The point is, Leo often needs to learn detachment when someone hurts their pride, so their self-esteem stays intact. You may feel as if you're performing a balancing act when confronting their ego, but if you can come from the heart during relationship challenges, you'll enjoy the love of your loyal Leo for a long time to come.