Thursday, August 13, 2009

first time + first day

Today-13rd August 2009 : I am elated that after two times being rejected, finally I am accepted to be one of the courageous blood donors. I was rejected last time due to my age. I wasn't 18 at that time....but now, I am 18 !!! I donated blood at INTEC Great Hall. My blood type is B...but actually, I know that earlier. My mom knows how to do to mix the blood with antigen and then detect the blood type. She works in Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in UPM. My dad's blood type is O, meanwhile my mom's blood type is B. So, I am BO.

Talking about blood...I am never scared of blood...I am not a hemophobia...since I was small. Isn't this a good thing ? Got people asking me, "Aren't you feel scared of donating blood? scared of seeing how they cucuk that needle?" My answer, "Why should I ?? Blood is not something which is disgusting...for me. I'm not sure about others. Well, of course I could feel the pain when I was injected...but it's ok. ^_^

Talking about blood...after I donated blood, I found out something...something which can make me not eligible to donate blood... Ok, enough for now. I need to study Calculus. Test tomorrow!!