Saturday, August 1, 2009

It was a very simple yet blissful day

A lot of unexpected thing happened today. A LOT. When I woke up from a very nice sleep this morning, I expected something from my family members especially my parents. Something like...a birthday gift or...a surprise ! I am not too old to get a birthday present from my parents right ? I am just 18... However, they acted like they usually do. The usual weekend morning routine. Dah la breakfast was just nasi lemak bungkus. Besides, my mom had to work today. Suddenly some students need to use her lab. May dad went somewhere. I was alone in the house with my 7-year old younger brother who was watching TV and 15-year old younger sister who was still sleeping. I waited until afternoon for any surprise from my family...but it turned out to be nothing. I thought we could eat lunch together but my dad had to attend this one kenduri in my neighbor's house. I was asked to fetch my 12-year old younger brother from school and to buy food for lunch. Never mind...I was still hoping that they'll celebrate my birthday later...perhaps dinner? In the afternoon, my brother came back home from UTP. He got 1 week quarantined break (H1N1 kan sedang merebak). Meanwhile, my mailbox was working actively. I got new messages continuously especially from Facebook. hehe...birthday wishes yang boleh diibaratkan cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan. These sweet friends made me forget about my family members who ignored me.

In the evening, my dad said he had to attend another kenduri after Isyak prayer. This time, it was in another neighbor's house. Haish...since my dad not around, of course they would not be any birthday dinner...dah la my sister suddenly got fever. My mom had to accompany her to clinic (check for H1N1 also ! ) arghh...fine...what to do...I was still hoping...hoping for at least A BIRTHDAY GIFT ! but no...nothing dinner was kue tiaw ladna. Nothing special...but it is still a food ^_^ Until the clock strike 11:59pm, which means the end of my special day, still...nobody give me any birthday present...
At the end of the day, lots of people asked me, "How was your birthday ?", "How many birthday presents do you get ?" My answer : My birthdays have always been a very simple day. The last time I had my birthday party/celebration was when I was 6 years old. The last time I had my birthday cake was...dunno...10 years old ? This time, there was no birthday celebration, no birthday gift. But I don't really mind about all that...I'll be very happy as long as I AM NOT ALONE on my birthday. "SWEET 18" *peace*

To all people who wished me, doesn't matter when, be it on 31st July or 1st August, THANK YOU SO MUCH !! For your information, 111 people (family+friends) wished me ! What a big number ! I am surprised also by that fact. I have the long list...can ask me to know your ranking!