Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trip to Penn State (1)

After 4 hours journey from Rochester, New York, finally I arrived in State College, Pennsylvania. Thanks to Kak Muni who gave me a ride. If not, perhaps I have to go to Penn State by bus instead of the very comfortable  car, Toyota Prius Hybrid. I'm staying at Atikah's house for the whole week until Kak Muni fetch me back on the next Saturday or Sunday. So, I'll be spending the whole Thanksgiving break at Penn State. Last night, I joined Malaysian students in Penn State for their activities which were dodgeball and volleyball. There, I met lots of new friends and my old friends from INTEC. I joined the event just as a spectator. They had battles among themselves according to their sports house. After the games finished at 11 p.m., we had pizzas from Canyon pizzas. There were plain, mushroom, and pineapple pizzas. I tried mushroom. Never eat mushroom pizza before. Usually I just eat plain/cheese pizza. Ahh, the pizza slice was so large that I could hardly finish it. It was really cold too in Penn State. But, if compared to RIT, RIT is colder. Obviously, since RIT is nearer to Canada.

Today, I went out for sightseeing around Penn State campus and State College downtown with Atikah, Muru and Hazreena. Penn State is a really big campus with lots of nice and unique buildings. I took a lot of pictures too ! One day I'll upload in Facebook. There were very few people around the campus. It's because of Thanksgiving break. Lots of people either went back home or went for vacation (like me!). Tonight, there'll be a potluck event at Ron Nie's house, followed by Aidil Adha's dinner at a senior's house, and a sleepover at another senior's house. What a busy day ! ^_^