Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lost + Gathering

Again...I'm late for one day. I slept at 10.05 pm last night in front of the television in the living room, but later I moved to my room and slept on my comfy bed. I was so tired and sleepy. I got headache as well. Before I closed my eyes, I asked my sister to wake me up at 11.15 pm so that I could type this post and harvest my crops in FarmVille. She did try very hard to wake me up, I realized that, but still, I continued sleeping. My head felt so heavy and my eyes were glued strongly that they could not be opened. So, I continued sleeping and woke up at 7.00 am today.

So, here goes the story of what happened to me yesterday. I left the house at 9.28 am to go to Bank Islam in Kajang to pay my college's education fees. I planned that I should go to KTM station around 11 am to go to KLCC for a reunion with fellow TKCians friends (only my batch). There're 2 Bank Islam office branch nearby my house, which are in Bangi and Kajang. But I only know the one in Kajang. So, I told my dad that I'm going there. As usual, he advised me to drive carefully because I was driving alone.

I know the way to go to Kajang as I went there quite a few times early of this year either with my mom or alone. So, I was so confident that I could reach Bank Islam within 35 minutes (includes traffic jam). However, I became confuse at one junction because the signboard to Kajang wasn't the one that I took last time. But I still took the route and drove along the road that I've never been to. Somehow, I did pass through Kajang a little bit as I could see Metro Kajang, and I ended up at a junction to go to either Kuala Lumpur or Balakong. I chose Kuala Lumpur as I thought that I could find the way to go back home. (I was panic and only think of going back home straight away !) BUT I WAS WRONG !! I was on my way to Kuala Lumpur along Cheras. I saw signboard to go to Pusat Bandaraya, so I decided that I should take that route to go straight to KLCC to meet my friends. Opps, wait ! I never drive in Kuala Lumpur. So, I don't dare to take the risk to go anywhere furtherer from my house. Besides, I was already lost ! I was extremely panic because I met lots of tolls on the way. So, money in my Touch n' Go card ran like water. Not only that, the petrol was reduced to half from full. My hands were trembling in fear while I was driving at 100 km/h (I think reached 120 km/h also) along the highway that I don't know where but it's heading to Kuala Lumpur. I thought of calling my dad because I didn't know which way to take and I was so scared of getting lost anywhere furtherer. But I stopped my intention by focusing on my driving and get my eyes alerted on the signboards. After some time, I saw a signboard to go to UPM, Serdang. Oh, thank you Allah ! I knew I should take that route. Later I realized that I was driving on Mines area, which means that I was already near to my house ! From there, I knew which way to take, I gained my confidence and would like to try my luck one more time. I drove to Kajang again, but this time I called my mom to ask for the right direction (I should do that earlier...pehh). But her direction wasn't really clear to me. So, again I missed the route to Kajang (no toll) when I actually had passed by it while talking to my mom on the phone. Luckily I noticed something when I continued my journey. My mistake earlier was, I should go straight when I chose to turn left to a new route to Kajang. There's another junction ahead that I'm familiar with. Actually I could reach Kajang using the earlier route, but I wasn't familiar with the route, so I ended up going to KL instead. Fuhh, finally I saw KTM Kajang, so I was smiling from ears to ears. I drove confidently and went to Bank Islam. However, another problem arised. Parking ! This problem is very popular here...I hate this ! I had to park my car at Metro Point and walked to Bank Islam. Never long as I could pay my education fees.

Looking at my watch, I was so shocked. It's 11 am already ! I was seriously late for the reunion. Plus, there're so many people in the bank. If I reached earlier, there wouldn't be so many people. So, I had to wait for my turn. At 11.55 pm, my business was done. I informed my friends that I'll be late for the meeting. Looking at the watch, I was thinking twice to drop by at my mom's house in Bangi. She asked me to drop by to get letters and bills for that house. As a good daughter, I went there and picked up the letters. When I reached home, it's already 1 pm. I quickly ate my lunch (my brother bought), prayed and got myself ready to go to KLCC. Actually, there's no point of rushing because I was already late ! My friends had already finished their lunch and planning to watch movie at 2.10 pm. Arghh !! Just because I lost earlier, I had to face all these consequences ! I reached KLCC at 2.20 pm after waiting for KTM and LRT. Knowing that my friends were already in the theater, enjoying themselves watching Avatar, I decided to walk around KLCC. Obviously alone. I didn't feel like shopping for clothes, shoes etc, so I just walked around until I felt thirsty. So, I bought a sundae (chocolate + brownie I think) from Haagen Dasz and a lemon crush from Boost. Those really cost a lot, but I didn't care. Besides, I seldom spent my money during these holidays. At about 4.45 pm, my friends met me in front of TGV theater. After saying hi and hugging, we went to McDonald's. Some of my friends went back straight away after lunch, meanwhile some after watching movie, so I didn't get the chance to meet those people. Anyway, I still appreciate the other friends who stayed back. Thanks Dlow, Nedd, Cancan, Iza, Nawi, Aussie, Sazu, Dianne, and Dindin^_^ We talked, took pictures until 6 pm. After that, some of us went back. The rest stayed back. I followed Cancan until LRT Station and then we separated.

My dad had been calling me a few times when I was still in KLCC. He's worried when I said I'm going back at night. Then I told him I'll reach Serdang after 8 pm. Yeah, I was right. I prayed at KL Sentral (I met my TKCian junior there) and as usual, bought Famous Amos biscuits for my family. In the car, my dad told me that my mom hasn't came back yet, and he just came back from work. So, no food at home for dinner. Later, my brother went out to buy food. My mom came back at almost 10 pm. She got work to do in her lab. As I was so exhausted with what I'd been through today, I ended the day by sleeping so soundly.