Friday, August 5, 2011

Reading or Understanding Al-Quran ?

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" Indeed, this Quran guides to that which is most suitable and gives good tidings to the believers who do the righteous deeds that they will have a great reward. "     
  - Surah Al-Isra' : verse 9

Allah has promised a great reward, multiple of rewards for those who read the holy Quran in Ramadan. Then, there comes the 1-month challenge of reading the whole Quran. Al-Quran has 30 juz, meaning 30 sections. So, when Muslims try to finish the whole Quran in one month, we have to read at least 1 juz per day. That's about 20 pages. I have a tip to share, on how to finish (khatam) Quran after one month.

Let's see :
Al-Quran has 30 juz
1 juz = 20 pages for 1 day
1 day = 5 prayers
20/5 = 4
4 pages = 1 prayer

20 pages = 5 prayers = 1 day = 1 juz

Sometimes we feel that reading 20 pages at once is kind of difficult. So, why don't we try to break the pages for each time we pray per day ? That sounds easier. Anyway, this is just a suggestion. If you prefer to read it 20 pages at once, then go for it. 

However, reading Al-Quran is worthier if we understand it. 

Sometimes, tears flowing from the eyes of the people who read the Al-Quran because they understand what they read. If we just read without understanding the contents, it's still very good, but reading with understanding is better. Just take for an example, when we learn a new language. After some point, we might be able to read the language, but we might not be able to understand what we read. 

Al-Quran has its own beautiful language, that Allah has created for us to deliver His messages to human. Maybe we can read, but without understanding, we won't get the messages well. 

Nevertheless, reading Al-Quran is better than no reading at all. 

Do we have to be fluent in Arabic to understand the language of Al-Quran ?
Of course no. But, if we are, that's an advantage. We can always refer to translations or tafsir to understand what we read in Al-Quran. 

So, why do we read Al-Quran even though we do not understand the contents ?
I have a story to share. It's from a blog that I've read.  

There's an old man living with his grandson in a farm. Every morning, the old man will read the Al-Quran in his bedroom. The grandson, viewing his grandfather's action, try to follow his action. 

One day, the grandson asked his grandfather, "Grandpa, I read the Al-Quran, but I don't understand its meaning.  Even if I do, I'll forget after I close the Al-Quran.  So, what's the point of reading the Al-Quran?"

The old man went to the kitchen and grabbed a dirty basket, which was filled with coals before. 

"Here, go to the river, fill in water in this basket." The boy then went to the nearby river behind their house and filled the basket with water. However, when he went back to his grandfather, no water left.

"You're very slow. This time, try to run." said the grandfather. So, the boy ran to the river, and ran back to his grandfather to show him the basket.

"See, there is no water left. I can't fill this basket with water." said the grandson. 

"So you feel useless ? Try to look at the basket now." replied the grandfather.

The boy looked at the basket. He noticed that the dirty basket from before was clean now. 

The grandfather continued, "That is how we read the Al-Quran. Even if we don't understand it, but it's still purifying the heart of the reader, bringing tranquility. It's all up to Allah. He knows what His servants do."

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So, even if we read the Al-Quran without understanding it, it's still better than no reading at all. Look at the stairs above. If we read the Al-Quran with understanding, we'll climb more stairs than those who read with no understanding. Those who do not read Al-Quran at all shall be at the very bottom of the stairs.

Now it's Ramadan. If we don't read the Al-Quran before, why not starting to read it now, taking advantage of the great reward Allah has promised us. Slowly, we could improve from reading with no understanding, to reading with understanding. InshaAllah.