Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Foods Eaten Only During Ramadan ?

For the past few years during Ramadan, I was always looking forward to eat certain foods. I consider them "foods eaten only during Ramadan" because they are mostly sold during fasting month in Bazar Ramadan. These are some of the foods that I favor most during fasting month :

1) Bubur Lambuk 
obtained from : kasutvincci1.blogspot.com
Usually during Ramadan month, mosques or neighborhood committee members will cook and distribute Bubur Lambuk for free. They are either mixed with sliced chicken or beef or sometimes anchovies, with some other vegetables like cashew nuts and carrots. They are a number of variants in Bubur Lambuk, according to different states in Malaysia. As for me, I usually eat the free Bubur Lambuk distributed by mosque in University of Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang, Selangor. Even though my mom always cook some other dishes as menu for break fast, I usually choose to eat Bubur Lambuk first. The reason is because I love the soft texture of Bubur Lambuk, requiring no chewing action to take place. Sometimes I'm just lazy to chew food. 

2)  Otak-otak
obtained from : justtryandtaste.blogspot.com
The next favorite food is otak-otak. Direct translating, otak-otak means brain-brain. Definitely that's not what it means. Otak-otak is otak-otak, that's it. It is made of fish meat, wrapped inside banana leaf. Otak-otak is best eaten when it's still hot, just grilled. When I bought these from Bazar Ramadan, I usually have to wait for a long time because of the long line of people waiting to get otak-otak. Also, when people buy, it's not just two to three pieces, but eight and above. If I buy otak-otak, I have to make sure I grab one first before it's finished by my other siblings, who also love to eat otak-otak very much.

3)  Tepung Pelita 
obtained from : kzeecraft.blogspot.com
Next is Tepung Pelita, also favored by my dad. I usually eat this after I prayed Maghrib prayer, after eating all other heavy foods. It's a soft kuih, no bake pastry that has two layers : white layer made of coconut milk (above) and green layer (below) made of pandan leaves and sugar. They're sometimes wrapped in pandan leaf, or poured into cups. Tepung pelita is also usually found everywhere during Ramadan only. However, if unlucky, the tepung pelita does not taste so sweet or a bit bitter due to the bitterness of the pandan leaf. 

That's it for now. I have some other foods that I'd like to talk about, but I think I should share it the next time. I suddenly think of these foods when I was studying for my exam, which will be tomorrow's morning. How I'd love to eat these foods if they're available here. But no, it'll only available if I made them myself. Why ? Because I'm not in Malaysia.