Monday, August 8, 2011


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Today, I'd like to talk about anger. The reason is because someone just made me really mad today, making me almost losing my patience. 
Before I did something bad, I realized that I'm fasting today.
I told myself to calm down because I'm fasting today.  

so, I brought myself away,
to get some serenity.
Besides, I do have to get myself ready for the session with autistic kids this afternoon. 
I must calm down.
I don't want my anger to affect my mood when I'm with the kids.

I remember three instant methods to deal with anger :

1. Say the word of protection
Audhu billahi minash-Shaitan-ir-rajim.
(I seek refuge with Allah from the Satan, the cursed one)

if that doesn't work,

2. Change body posture
Sit down if standing; lie down if sitting

if that doesn't work either,

3. Take ablution
Wash face, arms etc

The second one seems to work on me. I decided to leave the place. May Allah forgive me and remove the anger from my heart. Amin.