Friday, January 22, 2010

What's the Connection between an Elephant and an Apple ?

Thanks a lot to Ayuni and Illi for making my day a memorable one. Today at 3 p.m. I went out with Ayuni (drove a Kembara car) and Illi to Bukit Cerakah. Yeah, it's my third time of going to Bukit Cerakah for 3 consecutive weeks. Perhaps I should go next week also to make it complete 4.

Unfortunately, when we reached there, the bicycle shops were closed. So, we had no choice but to walk to the Four Seasons House. Nah, now came the interesting part. Despite the extremely freezing cold temperature, we didn't realize that we were in the winter house with the temperature of -2 degrees Celsius for more than an hour. Impressive ! With all of us exclaiming "sejuk gila !", cold breath coming out from our mouths, and reddened noses, somehow we managed to withstand the cold temperature. Luckily I wore a sweater, but that didn't help much though. The coldness penetrated our bones (hyperbolic...hehe). We played a simple snow fight also. Wait, I think it's an ice fight, not a snow fight.

We did came out of the rooms and warmed ourselves in the hallway. While warming ourselves, we traced our names on the vapor formed on the windows. Seri is my nickname, originated from C++ Programming class last semester. Besides that, Ayuni also traced her name with her special friend who's now in USA. Meanwhile, Illi traced these two people's names who're connected to me in some ways (they're just my friends, not more than that). Ayuni then drew a picture of an elephant and an apple, representing those two. That's when the title of this post came to my mind, "What's the Connection between an Elephant and an Apple ?" The answer is Orange Tabby, that's me !

When we were busy taking pictures (as usual, girls love taking pics), suddenly the guy who were in charge of the winter house announced, "Perhatian kepada semua pengunjung. Rumah empat musim ini akan ditutup pada pukul 4.50 petang." Three of us were so panicked, that we quickly left the Four Seasons House using the back door. It was only 4.30 p.m. actually, but we were so panicked at that time. However, when we were about to open the back door, the guy announced again, "Rumah empat musim akan ditutup dalam masa 20 minit lagi. 20 minit lagi, janganlah keluar dulu. Silalah sambung tangkap gambar tadi."

Illi, Ayuni and I laughed because that announcement was meant for us. Like I said earlier, we quickly left the house when we heard the first announcement. After that, we went inside again. We continued taking pictures and the guy disturbed us by saying, "Hi adik, boleh berkenalan ? Jom la kita kenal-kenal." OMG ! What's wrong with this guy ? Never see girls before ? Tak ada keje betul.

We left the house by using the front door, as instructed by that guy. Before we left, he asked Illi whether this is her first time to be there. She replied that she had been there for 3 times already. He asked Illi only. That means he liked Illi ! Hahaha...Illi was blushing about the incident.

After that, we walked back to Ayuni's car. On the way back, we encountered a big group of monkeys. There're 10 of them I think and they're everywhere; on the trees, on the left and right side of the road, on the roof and benches. At that time, we seriously didn't know how to walk pass by them. We were totally scared of those naughty monkeys. Ayuni and I had the bad experience of being chased by monkeys. I would never forget that ! However, we gained our braveness and said some praying while walking passed by them. Alhamdulillah, nothing bad happened.

In the car, we decided to eat dinner straight away. So, we went to SACC Mall and ate in Noodle Station. After eating, we went for a light shopping. I didn't buy anything, just accompanied them to buy some stuffs.