Friday, February 5, 2010

Unexpected Winning


Yesterday night (now is morning already), I went to a dinner which was organized by Fa-C Team juniors special for Fa-C Team seniors. The dinner took place in Pak Su Corner, somewhere near INTEC. The theme was red, white and pink. After a bit of confusion yesterday from morning until afternoon, I had finally chosen to wear a white jeans, a red sweater, a red head scarf and a white t-shirt inside the sweater. I thought that we were supposed to wear formal dress, but at 3.40 pm Eton came to my room and informed me that we could wear informal dress. I was totally shocked because I borrowed my schoolmate's (Eva) pink baju kurung. I became panicked at that time. I don't have red, pink or white t-shirt. Then I texted Illi to ask her for her t-shirts. She said she has a red t-shirt and a white blouse. I quickly went to her house and borrowed a white blouse, and a white t-shirt. She also gave me a red ribbon to make it in with the theme. I also borrowed Nabiha's red head scarf. When I showed to Jasina what I was going to wear, she disagreed with me. She said I looked too formal by wearing that white blouse. Suddenly I remember that Thanges has a red sweater. So, I asked her whether I could borrow that and she replied yes ! I was extremely happy at that time. Problem settled. Now just wait for the dinner...

While waiting at Akasia bus stop for Fa-C Team members to come, I had a chat with few people. They said the t-shirt that I wore look nice. "Thanks !" my reply as usual when people said something nice about me. ^_^ Well, it's actually a sweater. When I reached Pak Su Corner, few guys did not recognize me. They said I look different from the way I usually look like. How different was that ? I have no idea. Anyway, the combination of the attire that I wore that night had really put a spotlight in my life. I never win any BEST DRESS AWARD before, but I won this time ! It was totally unexpected because I wore a simple dress only. I guess because I followed the theme strictly. Hehe...Well, usually those who are crowned as the Queen of the Night are pretty ladies. Unfortunately in my case, I AM NOT ! Anyway, alhamdulillah. I got a very cute mug as the present. Plus, the mug is orange in color ! My favorite color ! ^_^

In conclusion, technically the attire's owners are :
Red sweater = Thanges
White t-shirt = Illi
Red head scarf = Nabiha
White jeans & pink shoes = Faseeha


Thanks also dear juniors for selecting me as the winner !