Friday, January 15, 2010

Cycling at Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam & Taman Botani Putrajaya

January 15, 2010

Since I don't have class on Friday afternoon, I decided that I would like to go to Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam a.k.a Bukit Cerakah in Section 8, Shah Alam for cycling. I miss cycling so much ! Even though I have a bicycle at home, but it is not the special bicycle for mountain cycling because it doesn't have gears. So, it's difficult to cycle with it. Luckily my lovely roommate, Jasina agreed to accompany me. If not, there's nobody else who would like to sweat themselves with me. Thanks, Jasina ! We went to Bukit Cerakah at 3 pm by taxi. As soon as we reached there, we went to the place where we can rent bicycles. Then, we decided that we would like to visit the famous Four Seasons House since it is the winter season now. We were the only visitors when we reached the house. Later, few other people came. Last week when I went on Sunday, the winter was so crowded with people. Perhaps because it's Friday, a working day. Whoa ! It was extremely cold inside ! Our fingers, noses and faces started to become redden. Of course, we took some pictures using Jasina's phone because I forgot to bring my camera. The Four Seasons House has 2 rooms. We visited one, then we came out of the room to warm ourselves. It was too cold for us. I'm sure US will be triple times colder than here. Later, we went into another room after we felt warmer. After that, we decided to go back. Yeah, we went to Bukit Cerakah for a short time only. It's just for an hour. Nevertheless, I'm still happy ! At night, I went back home.

January 16, 2010

Today is my younger brother, Fahmi's 8th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR ! I wanted to bring him to Taman Botani for cycling session but he couldn't go. He had to attend a wushu practice in his school. So, I went to Taman Botani with my elder brother and my younger brother, Aiman. However, my elder brother did not want to join us cycling. So, it was only me and Aiman who went for cycling. It's RM4 per bicycle. Extra RM1 from Bukit Cerakah's one. I guess it's because of the quality of the bicycles...or maybe because it's weekend. We went cycling for an hour. We met lots of people because in the afternoon, there's a wedding to be held here with the concept of garden wedding. I also found a big solar clock. It can be used to tell the time during the day by using the shadow concept.

I'm totally glad that I sweat a lot when cycling. This is good for my health since I've been studying for the whole week. What about tomorrow yea ? Cycling again ? Maybe I should soak myself in a swimming pool. Swimming sounds nice !