Wednesday, November 18, 2009

long time no, no post...

hahhhh....finally I can sit and type after such a longggg break. I have pails of stories to tell. I think I'm going to write a very longgg post this time. I'll tell the stories according to the date.

31st Oct 2009
I went to Low Yat Plaza with Nabiha, Lina and Rubi. There, I met Kar Wai, Jing and Raymond. I went there to buy an external hard disk, a mouse, and etc. As I don't have a car, so I went there by public transport which were taxi, ktm and monorail. Actually, we also went to Times Square for light shopping and withdrawing money as the ATM in Low Yat got hang with so many people using it. After buying and all that, we went back using public transports again. I decided not to go back to Shah Alam, instead go back to my house in Seri Kembangan. So, we separated. OMGGGG! There were so many people in line waiting for the ktm in platform 6 (to Seremban). I waited there from 6.52pm until 7.20 pm, but no train came. We were informed that trains will be delayed from the scheduled time. Ok, this is so common nowadays. I really don't understand this. Fine, I can wait. Then finally a train came. But wait! Sardines of people inside it and still, sea of people tried their best to fit themselves inside the train. What la...I don't want to be a part of them. I can still wait...

So I waited until 7.48 pm and finally another train came. This time, still lots of people but less than last time. Since my body is small, I could easily put myself inside the train. Hahaha...but look at the watch ! It's nearly 8pm. I've been waiting for ktm for almost an hour. My question is, WHAT'S WRONG WITH KTM TRAINS ? WHY CAN'T YOU FOLLOW THE SCHEDULE ?

1st Nov 2009
Today is my outing day with my housemates. I drove from my house to Kolej Akasia in ShahAlam to fetch Jasina, Hema and Thanges. Then, we went to Taman Tasik Shah Alam near PKNS for canoeing. At first, we couldn't find the place to canoe. We were quite sad by that time because we were very eager for the trip. However, we never gave up. We walked around the lake to fine the place to rent canoes. Finally, we made it. I couldn't believe that we've finally in the middle of the lake canoeing. My partner was my roommate, Jasina. Meanwhile, Thanges's partner was Hema. We enjoyed canoeing so much that we took lots of photos while we were still on the lake. Besides, we also had a competition among ourselves. Jasina and I won ! Hahahaha...according to Jasina, it's because of the combination of 2 brains (engineering + biotech). It was very hot at that time because we canoed at around 11am till 12 pm.

After canoeing, we went to Galeri Shah Alam which is nearby only to the lake. After that, we went to eat at Plaza Alam Sentral. We had a very fantastic steamboat as our lunch ! It wasn't expensive by the way, so we really loved the food ! Since the Thanges's batteries for the camera almost, we couldn't take lots of photos...:((

2nd November 2009
Today I went to UKM with half of my course friends. We were accompanied by Pn. Mimi, Mr. Ishak and Miss Zulia. It was totally fun because we didn't only went into UKM's reserved forest, but we also actually managed to arrive at the peak of Bukit Rupa.

Not only that, we also went to UKM's Ferns Park where we could find various species of ferns. Then, we went to their awesome Geology Museum where they place lots of stones and minerals found under the earth. The funniest thing was that there's this very unique statues and real skulls of apes and human.

Besides that, there's this very fascinating UV light that really attracted the visitors (us) because we checked our money and ICs there for their originality. It's proven that my IC is original ! We also just found out that RM 50 note is truly beautiful when you put it under UV light.