Saturday, October 17, 2009

Smaller ?

This is a photo of my sister and I when we went to National Science Center, Kuala Lumpur. sister is taller than me even though I wore a 3 inches wedges shoes... :(

When my younger sister came back from her boarding school yesterday for Deepavali break, she told me that her friends and herself talked about me on the previous day. Her friends said that I am the smallest elder sister they've ever met. They met me when I followed my younger sister and her friends on their trip to go to Genting Highlands during the last mid year school break. I was asked to accompany and have an eye on my sister since she's still underage, 16 years old. But actually, all of them are 16 years old and the eldest is me, 17 years old. I wasn't 18 yet at that time. So, I was actually underage as well.

Since I was the eldest, her friends thought that I'll be the one taking care of all 8 of them. Of course, I would be glad to take care of them as well. However, they were shocked to see my size which is smaller than theirs. Besides, I am shorter than my younger sister. While we were in Genting Highlands, her friends were actually worried about me because they said I looked very young looked like a small kid despite my age. They're scared that I might be lost somewhere. So, they've to follow me anywhere I wanted to go. As for me, I thought they followed me because my words ruled since I am the eldest. But actually...haish...

In addition to their conversation, my sister told them that I'm always behave like a small kid, very childish. My younger brother who's 12 years old also said the same thing. Not only these 2 people...actually, there's a lot of people out there, my friends obviously thought that I am the youngest in my family for the very same reasons :
1) I am small in stature (my height is primary school kid's height I guess since my younger brother is taller than me)
2. I am childish (can't help's natural...)

Deep inside my heart, I am very happy when people think that I am younger than my actual age. Some people even think that I am still studying in school when it is a fact that I graduated from high school 2 years ago. I look young !! ^_^

However, I feel sad when people think twice before trusting me ( in terms of making a decision and taking care of someone ) because I always behave like a small kid. So, people always think that my mind is like a small kid's, can't be relied on. I might make unnecessary decision.

Oh please...I might be small in stature, behaves like a small girl, and whatever...but my wits is on the same level as the people of my age. I can think wisely, make a good decision, and of course, lead people. Please do not think that I am always cheerful because I am just like a small kid, can easily forget things. Don't even think of bullying me because I always keep unhappy things to myself. Once I reach my limit, I'll explode. I do have lots of things that I hate so much !