Friday, October 9, 2009

Up and Down in a Day

Today, I had C++ test in the morning. I thought it would be easier than the first one since Pn. Saidatul said that we must score this paper to cover our final. This means that the final paper would be the toughest of all. However, it turned out that this paper was also tough ! Most of it was about writing programs. ARGHHH !!! I could not answer 3 questions...die la...all three are writing programs. I felt like crying in the exam hall. I could not even figure out the algorithm. Without the algorithm, I cannot come up with a program. I can't write a program. My hands were shaking when I came out of the hall. Not because of the air-cond, but because C++ had attacked my heart with tsunami. Until now, I still feel unease about the paper.

Right after the test, I went back home. I took KTM commuter. Lucky for me, when I reached Shah Alam station, a train to KL Sentral arrived. Unfortunately, I don't know why there were so many people this afternoon in the train. Usually, I could always sit because trains are not crowded. This time, I had to stand all the way from Shah Alam to KL Sentral with my stuffs in the middle of adults (I guess they're older than me).

Around 1 something I reached KL Sentral. With my heavy bags, I climbed the stairs to go to the other platform because escalator full :(( . When I reached at the port where people were waiting to board the trains, I noticed that a guy who wore a mask were looking at me. But when I looked at him, he turned away. At first, I had to stand because they were no more place to sit. But after about 5 minutes, the seat next to that guy was empty. So, without hesitation, I sat next to him. However, I faced the other way because he looked suspicious since he wore a mask and he were looking at me when I was standing. The train delayed. So, I took out my notes to read. Before that, I put my train ticket inside my ID card holder. But I just read a few lines, then the guy interrupted me with the question, "Student INTEC ke ?". I replied, "Ye. Awak pun ke ?" He said yes. So, the conversation going on for about 10 minutes until we boarded on the train. He knows that I am from INTEC when he saw my ID card (I forgot that the ID card was still hanging on my neck). He is in Japanese program. We talked about lots of things, about INTEC and the students. When we boarded the train, we separated. I sat on a side, meanwhile he sat on the other side. Since my stop is Serdang, which is before his stop, Kajang, therefore I went out of the train first. Before I exited, I smiled at him. Hopefully I can still recognize him if I happen to see him again in INTEC. Hopefully, new friend! But I just recognize his eyes since he wore a mask. Or else, hopefully Mr Mask can still recognize me. ^_^