Friday, October 2, 2009

Aqua Explorers live in Aquaria

Today, I went out to KLCC. Not for shopping, but for educational purposes. This was the first time I went to Aquaria, KLCC. It was so much fun ! The marine and jungle life in there are so unique, weird and cute ! Even their names are also funny ! Some species have names (local name) like "ikan yu bodoh". So funny !

I went there with the other 4 of my groupmates in Biology who are Nabiha, Hema, Ying Ji, and Beverly. Just before we started our recording for the documentary and while waiting for Aquaria to be opened (we were early by 40 minutes), we discussed outside Aquaria about our group name and etc for the documentary. After coming up with lots of "ntah apa2" names, we finally decided to choose AQUA EXPLORERS. Who are Aqua Explorers ? We are !

We did lots of things in there since we were in Aquaria for like...4 hours ! At first, we were quite blur because we didn't know where to start first. Aquaria has different sections which are all nice ! Around 11.15 am, we got to see the workers feeding piranha fishes. Later, we went to DNA corner, the only site that visitors can touch certain marine life. We touched starfishes, horseshoe crabs, "ikan yu pasir", sea cucumber and a few others. We also got to see how starfishes was fed. The way starfishes were fed was unique.

Then, we moved on to jungle are where we saw different species of jungle animals (small ones). Later, we went to freshwater region, where we were welcomed by a very big fish tank which contains lots of freshwater fishes. So nice ! At one part of freshwater region, there was a small part for Amazon fishes. After that, we moved to the best place in Aquaria : seawater tunnel (manmade). Here, there were lots of marine life which I've never seen in my life before ! I mean in front of my eyes. These animals are very cute !! There were also divers who went into the seawater tank to feed the animals. We were also lucky because we were guided by Mr. Nur Iskandar, an Aquaria's Customer Service Assistant who spent time with us in explaining about the animals that can be found in Aquaria. Besides, he also willingly became our photographer. Thanks, Mr Iskandar !

Around 2pm, after finished recording and took lots of photos, we went out of Aquaria. Too tired already...however, the experience was truly unforgettable ! Thanks Nabiha, Hema, Ying Ji and Beverly for your cooperation ! Love you guys very much ! Love AQUA EXPLORERS ! ♥