Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blurbb..blurbb..ahhh..swimming !

At last, at last ! Today I went swimming after such a long time. I think I've never been into swimming pool for more than 4 months since the hot issue of H1N1. Now that it's not an issue anymore, I can go swimming !! Actually, I've been trying to go for swimming since 3 weeks ago, but the weather never allow me to do so. It is raining season now, so I can hardly get an opportunity to swim. Today, I went swimming at 6pm with my younger brother.
Whoa ! It's such a nice feeling once my feet stepped into the water. "Best gile !" I did lots of style like breaststroke, dog paddle, backstroke, and underwater swimming. It was very tiring because I never swim for a very long time. Besides, I cannot hold my breathe for a long time in the water. I seriously need to polish my swimming skill and bubbling ! Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to swim for a very long time today because the pool closed at 6.40 pm.