Monday, November 23, 2009

Ouran High School Host Club

I've always been liking to watch anime so much. After Detective Conan, Doraemon, Mirmo Zibang, Dragon Ball, Shin Chan etc, now I'm crazy over this not so new anime, but it is still new to me which is Ouran High School Host Club or in Japanese it's called as Oran Koko Hosuto Kurabu. I never read the manga before, but directly watching it in my laptop after Nabiha gave the whole 26 episodes of the anime to me last week. She said the longer story would be in manga, but as an introduction, perhaps the anime would attract me to this another fantastic Japanese art work. Actually, the main reason for me to watch this anime is because the story is about high school students, which I like so much ! When I watch Japanese dramas also I'm always prioritizing the dramas with high school students as the main characters.

The story goes like this. Haruhi Fujioka is a new student in the prestigious Ouran Academy which consists of kindergarten until high school. The academy is defined by two aspects which are prestigious families, and wealth. As a very brilliant student who got accepted into the high-class school on the basis of scholarship, she likes to study. Haruhi is looking for a quiet place to study when she stumbles upon the Third Music Room, a place where a group of six extremely good looking male students meet to entertain both males and females (only one male client so far = Kasanoda @ Bossa Nova @ Casanova). During their first meeting, Haruhi with short hair cut, slouching attire, and gender-ambiguous look causes her to be mistaken by the 6 boys as a male student. Unfortunately, she accidentally knocks over and breaks an antique and super expensive vase worths . The solution suggested by the hosts is for her to work for them, while they pay for the vase. But then, when the twins takes out her glasses from her face, they find that she has a pair of beautiful and shining black eyes. Therefore, they've decided that she should be a host just like them all. Ultimately Haruhi agrees to join them as a host (dressed as a male) in order to pay off her debt. Her true gender is revealed in the first episode when she is changing clothes as her clothes are wet and the president of the Host Club, Tamaki opens the curtains that cover the changing room to give her towels. Since that, Tamaki starts to grow feelings towards her.

TOP from left : Takashi Morinozuka, Kyouya Outori
MIDDLE from left : Mitsukuni Haninozuka, Haruhi Fujioka, Tamaki Suoh
BOTTOM from left : Kaoru Hitachiin, Hikaru Hitachiin

In Ouran High School Host Club, the main characters are as followed :
1) Haruhi Fujioka = the Natural type
2) Tamaki Suoh = the Prince type
3) Kyouya Outori = the Cool type
4) Hikaru Hitachiin and Kaoru Hitachiin = the Little Devils type
5) Mitsukuni Haninozuka = the Loli-shota type
6) Takashi Morinozuka = the Wild type

Haruhi Fujioka (freshman)
Even though she is from a low-class family, unlike other students in the school who come from affluent family, she manages to be accepted in the school with the funding of the school's scholarship because she is very intelligent. Her rank is number 1 in her year. However, she is a very reluctant heroine who has no interest in sweet food, pretty things and frivolous males. She cut her nice long hair because a gum sticks to her hair. Since she grows up without her mom (a lawyer) who passed away when she was five and is living with her dad, she is used to be independent. Even the application into Ouran Academy, she did it by herself. She applies for Ouran because Ouran can secure a better future for her. She is scared of nothing except thunder. All of the members of Host Club are either openly or secretly adore her. She may seem like doesn't care about the member's feelings, but she actually observes them thoroughly and cares for them so much. Eventually, she discovers that her feelings for Tamaki have grown into ♥.

Tamaki Suoh (junior)
This president of the Host Club thought up the club when he was a senior in Ouran Middle School. He told his idea to his best friend, Kyouya. Then he invites freshmen in Ouran High School, Mitsukuni and Takashi, juniors in Ouran Middle School, Hitachiin brothers to join the club. This extremely kind and passionate president is considered the most attractive of all hosts. Besides being born as a gifted piano player, he is also a brilliant student (2nd in class after Kyouya), a melodramatic and takes his role to please girls seriously as he loves her French mother so much. However, they were separated because her grandmother doesn't approve him as a Suoh if he's with his mom. Tamaki also has an odd obsession towards commoner's lifestyle as he likes instant coffee and ramen so much. Besides that, he regards the Host Club members as a family with him as the father and Kyouya as the mother. Tamaki is also often thought as an idiot most of the time because of his silly reactions. The twins call him Lord, Sir and Tamaki. In the series, he always shows his possessive feelings towards Haruhi. Yet, he believes that it's fatherly love, not love as a guy. But, later on he realizes that he's truly in ♥ with Haruhi.

Kyouya Outori (junior)
This vice president of the club is behind all Host club schemes and is called "Shadow King". Despite their difference in personalities, Kyouya and Tamaki have been best friends since Tamaki transferred to Ouran in 9th grade. Born as the third son, he often has this perception that he won't inherit his father's business even though he is the most talented and ambitious than the other two. After befriended Tamaki, he slowly comes out of the mindset and starts to think of the life as a game, and he will lose if he never enjoy the fun. His father actually knows his quality but he wants him to realize the fact too, so he always degrades Kyouya in front of his brothers. Kyouya also manages the finances of the club and has a habit of not revealing important information to the other hosts until the time has arrived.

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin (freshman)
These identical twins are classmates with Haruhi. Only after they join Host Club that they've started to let people into their world. Before, they've always by themselves and hurts people's feelings a lot. Haruhi was the first and the only person who can differentiate both of them despite themselves, something they had longed for. Kaoru is nicer and more matured than Hikaru. Hikaru on the other side has part of him which is mean, shy, and thus, he has difficulties in expressing his feelings. Besides, Hikaru has a lower pitched voice than Kaoru. Later, they both realize that they've grown feelings towards Haruhi.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka (senior)
He is also known as "Honey senpai". Despite his size which is like an Elementary school student's size, he is actually a senior in Ouran High School. He is extremely obsessed with anything sweet like cakes, and anything cute as he's always holding his Bunny toy called Usa-chan. He is loved by the others for his cuteness and has a nickname for everyone like Haru-chan for Haruhi, and Tama-chan for Tamaki. Born in a family that owns a nationally-renowned dojo, despite his childish look, he is highly skilled in martial arts. He's always found with his cousin, Takashi. It was said that if his full combat abilities were unleashed, he would be a threat to national security. After Tamaki said to him that being himself is the true strength, he decided to never change and stay with cute and serious side in him.

Takashi Morinozuka (senior)
Also called Mori, he is the tallest and quietest of them all. He dedicated his life to protect Honey and only gets angry when Honey is injured or harmed. He is strong and skilled in martial arts as well. Being a very silent person, he only speaks when he finds it necessary and responds to questions with very short answers. Actually, Mori's family has served Honey's family for generations until a marriage two generations ago made them cousins. Even though the servant-master bond has broken, but Mori still serves Honey faithfully and become Honey's best friend.

Ahh...such a long post...but it feels good though. Kimochi ga ii yo ! ^_^ I feel very happy to write about this anime.