Thursday, July 15, 2010

UPM - My Playground

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Today (July 15) is a very special day for my mom. This morning, I accompanied her to Majlis Gemilang Putra, a 5 in 1 event in which awards are given to selected UPM staffs (all categories of officers) for their excellent performance in doing their jobs. My mom was awarded with Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang. As a starter for the event, they made us sing Putra Gemilang, UPM song. It was not the song that made me recalled my childhood days, but it was the slide show. The slide show showed the random photos of Universiti Putra Malaysia. So, what's the relation ? Random photos of UPM and my childhood ? Closely related. Very close until I can say that I know UPM very well. Say it : location of the faculties, library (my favorite!), swimming pool (my favorite!) etc. 

My house is situated a stone's throw away from the campus. Basically, I grew up in the environment of a university. I always follow my mom to her workplaces. Besides that, I went to Makmal Taman Prasekolah (a preschool in UPM). The teachers are all educated. Some of them even has Ph.D in their divisions. Most of them have Master in social science field e.g human development. Since the kindergarten is open for all university staffs and students, I also had friends who're not Malaysians. One thing that I like the most in there is the swimming pool ! Yea, that kindergarten has a swimming pool. Below are some of the photos that I found in my photo albums :

Fifth Birthday

Sixth Birthday

Graduation - 6 years old

For primary education, I went to a school which is situated next to UPM. The school's name is Sekolah Kebangsaan Serdang. Some of the photos from my photo albums :

8 years old - Standard 2
11 years old - Standard 5

Some random photos around UPM :

at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

at UPM library (in one of the rooms)

I won 2nd place in a drawing competition. Venue : Bukit Ekspo

Indeed, UPM not was, is and will always be my playground !