Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mr Brain

I just finished watching this very entertaining japanese drama entitled "Mr. Brain". This short serial drama of 8 episodes is very informative, and worthwhile to be watched. It is about a neuroscientist, Tsukumo Ryusuke (Kimuya Takuya) working for the National Research Institute of Police Science (a part of National Police Agency) who always help the cops in solving their questions of "who's the perpetrator(s)?" by applying his wide knowledge in neuroscience. He is generally quirky, but very brilliant and respected in science field. 

Some of the facts that I gained, (actually if I read neuroscience book, I should know...)

~ The human brain, depending on the situations, has a tendency to make decisions based on color, rather than on shapes or words. 
~To know if someone is lying, check on his/her eyes while talking to us. If the eyes are looking up and right, he/she is lying. Why ? This is because left brain functions for analytical stuffs like lying. Left brain controls the vision of the right eye, vice versa for the right brain.

~It is said that most humans use merely 5% of their brains.
~Conflict of both right and left brain :
I failed for the first time. But, after a few trials (slowly), I managed to do it.

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