Thursday, April 22, 2010

No, I don't dump you...

Yes, exactly. I don't dump you, my dear blog. I think that's the best title that I could think of for my new post after not writing for 2 months. The last post was on February 26, 2010 which was two months ago. Sorry for not visiting you for a very long time. I miss writing down my stories...really miss ! I was just too busy...I guess. Or I don't know how to manage my time excellently. Well, now that I have time, lots of time to write, I'll write down about all the interesting events that had occurred in my life for the past 2 months. Let me list down first.

1. Acceptance into Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), New York.
2. Halloween Night
3. American Class Parade (Beauty and the Beast)
4. Papa John Pizza moments with Arkansans
5. Biology Big Day
6. Study room gang

Besides all these, I would also like to reflect on all the subjects that I took for Spring Semester 2010. These are the subjects :

1. Technical Writing
2. Cell Biology
3. General Chemistry II
4. Introduction to Psychology
5. Introduction to Science in Islam

Thanks to all these subjects., thanks to all the lecturers for filling my Spring semester with lots of new knowledge and experiences. And loads of work...hurm...but it's ok. Overall, I really treasure all those sweet moments for the past four months in Spring semester. I love all the subjects that I took and I enjoy all the classes. At least I could say that Spring semester was totally awesome ! Thank you very much dear lecturers, fellow Arkansans and the whole ACTPians. I'll write down the details for the above list in the next posts.