Friday, September 4, 2009


Somehow, in the evening of 2nd September, while filling water into my water bottles, I received a call from Huda. She invited me to join the reunion of our gang-the click that I told in previous post. At first, I wanted to decline the invitation because of Chemistry exam on Friday, but after negotiation session with Huda, finally I agreed.

On the next day, 3rd September, they all came here (all of them except Afiq who is in France and Rina who is in Banting) Section 18, Shah Alam ! I was touched...and felt very elated by their visit to my place. We met at Pak Li Kopitiam. We break fast together, had a very enjoyful conversation after so long never see each other (for some of us), and played bowling. I didn't join them to play bowling because I left early to study for exam.

Well, the boys as usual like to laugh at me...and I don't know why. Do I look funny or is it my behavior ? Hurm...only they can tell the answer...Amin, as usual like to tease me. He also like to play around with that innocent look that he has on his eyes...but I'm so not going to be cheated by that ! Fikri, Rifqi and Chong do not change that much. They are just like themselves when I last met them last year. One word : COOL...Dila also doesn't change that much. Looking sweet in Baju Kurung, she is as lovely as she always is. Surprisingly, Dila did not come empty-handed. Instead, she gave me some souvenirs from Jordan. So nice of her ! Actually, I just met Iman and Huda recently, so...urm...they also do not change that much...Both of them still are extraordinary in their own ways of laughing. No comment for Sabri because I always see him here, in INTEC.

Here are some photos taken at Pak Li :

Now, I'm really looking forward to meet Rina and Afiq. I miss them so much !