Monday, August 23, 2010


I've been busy lately because of the preparation to go to Rochester, NY, USA. Alhamdulillah, after two years in INTEC preparing myself academically, finally the time that I've been waiting for has come. It's just around the corner. AUG 25.

This year is the first time I'm celebrating Eid ul Fitr not only outside Malaysia, but also away from my beloved family. Since I'll fly on the 15th day of Ramadan, so it's clear that my Syawal celebration will be on the land of Uncle Sam. I wonder how it's like. Lucky for me, there are other Malaysians in my university who'll also celebrate Eid ul Fitr there. So I guess it wouldn't be that sad celebrating Eid ul Fitr there. First class starts on September 6 which is on the 27th of Ramadan. This year, Syawal 1 is predicted to be on September 10, Friday. September 10 is my dad's birthday and I won't be there...

Due to the fact that I'm leaving my beloved family and country before Eid ul Fitr, I made some preRaya stuffs e.g. ate lots of Malaysian delicious foods (the ones that I favor), ate lots of  Raya cookies, took family potrait with all in Raya attires, and ate ketupat palas.

3 weeks ago, somehow I felt like eating ketupat palas and char kuey teow. I told my parents and they gladly replied that they'll look for them. Char kuey teow is easily available, unlike ketupat palas. But, I don't want ketupat palas that is bought because the taste is different from the ketupat palas that is made by my dad. I really like the ketupat palas that my dad made. The taste...ah...very delicious ! Especially when he put small cut beef/chicken inside the ketupat palas. Speaking of ketupat palas, it's is normally eaten during Eid ul Fitr in the Northern region of peninsular Malaysia. They can be eaten by themselves, or with peanut sauce, chicken/beef curry or rendang. As for me, I like to eat them by themselves if they contain beef/chicken. Else, I like to eat them with rendang. Back to my case, my parents were having difficulties in fulfilling my wish because it's hard to find palas leaves in Klang Valley. So, they took the opportunity when we went to my grandmother's house in Kota Kuala Muda, Kedah to get palas leaves and made ketupat palas for me. Special for me ! Last night, I ate lots of ketupat palas made by my parents and my grandmother. Despite her not-so-well condition, my grandma still wanted to make ketupat palas for me. I'm touched !
the making of ketupat palas
ketupat palas ready to be served
At my grandma's house, I saw lots of Raya cookies that my aunt (Cu) made for sale. Well, since I request, she gladly gave some to me for free ! hehe...Her pineapple tarts are delicious. They are very soft and sweet.

Last week, when all 7 of us (my family) were present at home, we took a family photo wearing themed Raya attires. The theme for this year is orange because that is my favorite color.

the 7 of us - ayah, ibu, abang, me, baby, eman, ami