Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 Years of Sour, Sweet, Salty, and Bitter Experiences

It has been 2 months since I last updated my blog. Well, I purposely did that because I couldn't find any suitable post to write. Arr, actually there're a bunch of stories that I'd like to share, but somehow I just feel that I make to compile them all at a suitable time. I think now is the time.

My 2 years of education International Education Centre (INTEC) wouldn't have been enjoyable if I don't meet a lot of new friends from different programs. I met new friends by joining clubs, societies, volunteer program, or simply met by chance. Most of my friends of course I met in classes. Recalling my earlier days in INTEC, I was just an ordinary girl who's so short and chubby. Looking at my photos, I look younger 2 years ago, freshly graduated high school gal. Now, I look a bit different. There're some changes in my appearances. I think. I notice I don't look as young as I am when I just joined INTEC members in June 2008. I was 16 years and 11 months old back then and when I graduated, I'm 18 years and 10 months.

I still remember how excited some of my friends were when I was about to reach EIGHTEEN (18) years old last year. 18 is like the year of "welcome to the adult world". Until now, I never think of myself as an adult. Even my dad thinks that I'm still her 17 year old daughter. Sweet Seventeen ! One day (this year) he was like, "You're already 18? I thought you're still 17." Well, some people treated me as a young girl because of my body size, and my childish attitude. The word "innocent" is very synonym with me. What to do, I'm small. Even my 2 younger siblings are taller and bigger than me. Phrases like, "Don't dirty her mind.","Faseeha, you need to know this. You're big enough to know this.","OMG, you don't get it ?". What do you expect from someone who went to an all girls school for 2 years when she was 15-16 years old to know a lot about what others know about you-know-what stuffs. Even when I was 13 years old I confused between the word "condo" and "condom" and because of that, some of my prefects fellows laughed at me. I was not exposed back then. Not even at home. When I came to INTEC, I learnt a lot of new things. Then only I realized that I'm such a girl with very few knowledge about things that I should know as a young adult.

I still wonder how those people become so knowledgeable in that area. It's like they've been studying about that particular subject for years that they can become expert in that. And well, I learnt a lot of bad words also. New bad words in other languages as well. Words that I never use at home, or in school last time have been the song of ears everyday especially "Shit" and "F***". My parents strictly ban all of my siblings from using not only those 2 words, but also other bad words. But sometimes we just make exception for words like "Bodoh".

Let's just leave the topic. I'd like to move on with the good things. For 6 semesters I was in INTEC, I went to 6 different classes. Let me just recall.

Fall 2008 : Fargo
Spring 2009 : Glendale
Summer 2009 : Austin
Fall 2009 : Alabama
Spring 2010 : Arkansas
Summer 2010 : Delaware

Now, I'd like to recall the lecturers who taught me.

Fall 2008
Language Awareness : Ms. Farhana
Writing : Ms. Ikhlas
Oral Communication : Mdm Kiran
Reading & Study Skills : Ms. Hanie
Precalculus : Ms. Zuraida
Islamic Studies : Ustz. Azizah
SAT : Datin Minda
TOEFL : Mr. Kamal

Spring 2009
Critical Thinking : Mdm. Ainon
Advanced Composition : Ms. Asma
Speech Communication : Ms. Dhaya
American Cultural Studies : Ms. Anis
Biology I : Mdm. Mimi/Mr. Ishak
Calculus I : Mr. Ikhwan
Islamic Akhlak : Ust. Mus

Summer 2009
Calculus I : Ms. Zulia

Fall 2009
Biology II : Mdm. Mimi
Chemistry I : Ms. Zai
C++ I : Ms. Saidatul
Calculus II : Mdm. Ruzela
Islamic Family Law : Ust. Wan

Spring 2010
Cell Biology : Mdm. Mimi
Chemistry II : Ms. Nubailah
Technical Writing : Mr. Kamal
Psychology : Mdm. Sharifah
Islamic Science : Ust. Wan

Summer 2010
Transaction in Islam : Ustz. Khursiah

Such a long list. I'm glad that I can still remember all of them. Thanks to all my lecturers even some of them who do not remember me as their student. Not their fault. I'm the one who's problem in letting people know of my presence.

I think I've to stop now. I'll continue with some other posts next time, especially when I'm very free this coming July and August. See ya !