Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow !

It's snowing ! Again. But this time, I never expect it because according to the weather forecast that I saw before I went to bed last night, it's only raining today, not snowing. So, when I went out to class early this morning, I just wore 2 t-shirts, a sweater and a raincoat. It was snowing at around 10 am after Immunology class. Within an hour, the snow kept on falling and made the outside environments covered in the snow. Then I went to class again for Organic Chemistry and Tissue Culture. After those classes had finished, I could see things outside were mostly white. All covered in snow. Then, I went out with Yin Peng to take some pictures with the snow. We also made a small snowball. That's also my first time walking on a snow. It was wet and I didn't wear proper shoes. The temperature was cold, not extremely cold, but I had already shivering especially when I talked to Yin Peng. Perhaps because I didn't wear thick clothes. Yin Peng also said that it was snowstorm when we were outside. I could feel the snow landing on my face, and it's really a memorable experience ! But, after some time I couldn't stand the coldness anymore. Hopefully I can survive in this season. Good luck, Faseeha ! ^_^

p/s : I'm sure my bike is covered by snow's still under a tree that I usually park my bike at.