Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sneezing + Blocked Nose + Voiceless = Great !

Someone said that I'm a weakling. This weakling here is in term of resistance against sickness. I guess it's true because the antibodies that reside in my body are not strong enough to resist the attacks from various sources. 

At this moment that I’m typing this, I’m not feeling well. I’m having blocked nose, sore throat, and at times sneeze. It might be caused by the seasonal change. You know, it was summer a few weeks ago, and now is fall season.  From hot to cold and windy. Besides, it’s raining sometimes. My body cannot stand the change. I know, I should have more vitamins in my diet. I’ll try…When I go to class; I could see that there are a few people who are also not feeling well. I can hear people coughing, and blowing their noses.  So, it’s normal during this time. It’s seasonal change.
However, I still hold the fact that I’m a weakling. I’ve been here in Rochester for about 3 weeks already. When I was still; in Malaysia 3 weeks ago, I had the same sickness; flu, sore throat, and sneezing.  But, it was worse back then that I had to wear masks at the airports and on the flights. My dad even bought me a very big pack of Strepsils (sore throat lozenges) which were very expensive as it was bought at the airport. I made my family worried because I was about to travel on a very long and far journey. I fall sick a few days before I fly. I think that was because I was sad to leave my beloved family for a few years. I even went to see a doctor one day before I fly so that I could get enough medications when I was on board.

When I already arrived in Rochester, my health condition remained the same. I wanted to greet the seniors who were very kind to pick all of us from the airport, but I just couldn’t do so because whenever I started to throw my voice out, I coughed.  So, I just kept quiet. I also had a slightly increased temperature from the normal body temperature on the first and second night I was here. Somehow, the fever went away when it was already day time.
Hopefully I’ll recover soon. I’m tired of wasting so many tissue papers. You know, the main sources of paper are depleting. My own storage of medications is also decreasing day by day, and I need to conserve them because they are not cheap in here!